The Women Engineers Leadership Education and Development program (WE LEAD) supports Cornell engineering women on their path to becoming powerful and inclusive future leaders.

Yearly WE LEAD cohort: Through an off-campus retreat and weekly workshops, you’ll gain the skills to navigate current and future challenges associated with gender dynamics in STEM fields. Coaching and mentoring give you clarity on your values, strengths, and purpose and how to bring them to your leadership. And, you’ll build your network through close connections with alumnae mentors and others in your cohort.

Seminar series only: Through weekly workshops, develop your professional skills on topics like networking, mentorship, and sponsorship,  among other topics, while also exploring issues specific to women’s leadership effectiveness in tech fields.

Is WE LEAD for me?

WE LEAD is appropriate for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in any field of engineering who wish to develop their skills and confidence as a leader. Prior work or internship experience is desirable but not necessary to gain the full benefits of the curriculum. First- and second-year students should wait until their junior or senior year to apply.

Ready to get started?

Yearly WE LEAD cohort: Applications for 2023 are now closed.

Seminar series only – Register for the upcoming seminar(s). Register today.