Tech+Teams is an array of tools for supporting student learning in team-based engineering classes. We developed these tools to provide a low-effort, high-impact way to manage common problems in student group projects, including conflict, miscommunication, unequal participation, or worse.

Is Tech+Teams for me?

We collaborate with instructors on a customized plan to help students learn both the technical and interpersonal aspects of engineering teamwork. Our services include:

  • Forming teams based on research about group dynamics, rather than chance or intuition
  • Giving a guest presentation to students on how to work effectively together
  • Setting students up for success with a team contract that heads off most problems before they begin
  • Collecting regular team self-assessments and peer feedback. We anonymize the feedback and share it with teams during the semester when it can be put to use
  • Group coaching to help teams in trouble

Ready to get started?

Faculty members in the College of Engineering may request a consultation to learn how we can help you maximize learning and student engagement in team-based classes and groups projects. Email us at