CUeLINKS/COMPASS Mentor Registration

Follow these instructions to include yourself in the COMPASS mentor pool. Pay close attention to the online prompts as they should clarify each action. If you already have a CUeLINKS profile, you’ll be able to skip some steps. (For example, you may not need to select mentor or alumni.) If you have trouble registering, email Daniel Toronto.

1. Open a browser and go to CUeLINKS

2. Click the “Join” button.

3. You may need to enable pop-ups from CUeLINKS at this point or later.

4. You will see a Welcome to CUeLINKS message and options for creating an account. Create an account.

5. Depending on how you choose to create your account, you may need to log in with your NetID. If you don’t know or don’t have your NetID, visit Alumnus ID.

6. Join as alumni.

7. Join as part of the Simpkins Family COMPASS Program.

8. Join as a mentor.

9. Complete the COMPASS questionnaire, which is essential to the program’s matching process. Be sure to click “View All” where available to see all options. (The questionnaires later in the registration process provide information for your general CUeLINKS profile. We apologize for the redundant questions.)

10. You will see a “Link Account” message, which may simply require that you press “Continue.” If more action is required, the prompts should be clear.

11. Complete the general CUeLINKS questionnaires to enhance your overall profile. You can also import LinkedIn information.

12. Read and sign the “Professional Responsibility Agreement.”

At this point, you may not get much feedback from the system. Your account (unless you have signed up previously) is then sent to an approval queue. Reload cuelinks, and you should see a message saying your account is “Pending approval.” Once approved, you’ll be fully registered.